With his back against the wall, for three games in a row, King James finally delivered on his promise to bring home a title to the city of Cleveland. What a ride it’s been. And a tale that has been 15 years in the making.

*Game of Thrones Spoilers ahead, so go forward at your own risk*

There is something to be said about sports being rigged. No, not the theory that the NBA intentionally suspended Draymond Green for game 5 to keep the underwhelming series from being even more so. No, I am talking about story book endings, moments that are unforgettable, the moments that are seemingly penned by Hollywood screen writers and then translated into real life.

Derek Jeter’s walk off hit, Kobe’s 60 point game with the late go ahead goal, and now LeBron James’ victory over the best regular season team of all time, after finding his team down 3-1 in the series. Before you even look at the stats, you can safely say that LeBron cemented his legacy as one of the top 5 basketball players of all time with this championship. Taking this roster of washed up veterans and inexperienced role players (oh and J.R. Smith), and sticking it to the 73 win Warriors four times in a seven game series.

It was only fitting that the battle of MVPs (James and Curry), happened to be airing at the same time as Game of Thrones’ “Battle of the Bastards” with Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton facing off for the ownership of Winterfell. The highest rated NBA game ever on ABC versus, arguably, the highest rated Game of Thrones episode ever. King James, who was looking to reclaim the NBA title, for his homeland of Cleveland, just like Jon Snow went to war to reclaim his home of Winterfell. Both prodigal sons returned home last night. Both had their backs against the wall (or in one’s case a wall of bodies), surrounded by the enemy on 3 sides, but through sheer will, excellent leadership, and a little luck, both came out victorious. *Insert Game 5 Kyrie Irving, Little Finger comparisons here*.

NOW, we can jump into the stats. James led all players in the finals in points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Yes, that is all five categories and LeBron led in every single one of them. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. He is the first player ever to do so in the finals, and he would finish with an average of 29.7 points, 11.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists, 2.6 steals, and 2.3 blocks…so yes he unanimously earned the title of Finals MVP.

LeBron, you were down 3-1, and many people, myself included, thought that nothing could stop the Warriors who had appeared to be shot out of a cannon ever since overcoming a 3-1 deficit themselves against Oklahoma City. People doubted your team all year, scoffed at the thought of you knocking off the Warriors, but you overcame everything. People thought that the King’s reign was over. That another player wore your crown, but you showed the world otherwise. The King is far from dead. Long live the king.

I wanted to use the phrase “dethroned” earlier in the piece, but is it still a dethroning when the rightful king sits back in his throne? After all, a lot of people were calling Steph Curry the best basketball player in the world an awful lot this season. After all he was the first (vomits in mouth) “unanimous” MVP in NBA history. Let’s be honest here LeBron, they can’t give you the award every year, even though you did turn a 25 win Cavaliers team into a a title contender.

After all, Steph did have a historically remarkable season, but he wasn’t the MVP of the league. There is no way that he contributed more to his team’s success this season than LeBron did. However, if they had an award in the NBA for “most outstanding player” or something of that sort, like the Heisman/Wooden award, I would easily give that to Steph. The dude had a phenomenal year and his tale of NBA greatness is nowhere near it’s final chapter.

However, we can finally put an end to LeBron’s journey to bring Cleveland a title. A mission to end the 52 year championship drought that he finally completed after 13 years. The so called “Chosen One” at the age of 18 that lived up to all of the hype. The savior of Cleveland. The traitor who left to win titles in Miami. Then once again he became the savior that Cleveland needed. Now he is once again an NBA champion, and we truly all have been witnesses to something that only comes once in a generation.

So congratulations again LeBron, but you are no Jon Snow. You’re the goddamn Mountain.

Featured Image – Nike, “Together, LeBron James”

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