Get your bracket(s) ready and prepare for heartbreak and havoc as the final selections have been released for the tournament. Let’s start out by breaking down the 1 and 2 seeds for each region, who they will be playing in their first game, and where they’ll be playing.

#1 Seeds

Midwest – Virginia (24-6)

  • Opponent: Hampton (21-10)
  • Where: PNC Arena (Raleigh, NC)
  • When: March 17th

South – Kansas (30-4)

  • Opponent: Austin Peay (18-17)
  • Where: Wells Fargo Arena (Des Moines, IA)
  • When: March 17th

West – Oregon (25-6)

  • Opponent: Holy Cross/Southern
  • Where:  Veterans Memorial Arena (Spokane, WA)
  • When: March 18th

East – North Carolina (28-6)

  • Opponent: Florida Gulf Coast/Dickinson
  • Where: PNC Arena (Raleigh, NC)
  • When: March 17th

#2 Seeds

Midwest – Michigan State (29-5)

  • Opponent: Middle Tennesee (24-9)
  • Where: Scottrade Center (St. Louis, MO)
  • When: March 18th

South – Villanova (27-4)

  • Opponent: UNC Asheville (22-11)
  • Where: Barclays Center (Brooklyn, NY)
  • When: March 18th

West – Oklahoma (24-6)

  • Opponent: Cal St. Bakersfield
  • Where: Chesapeake Energy Arena (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • When: March 18th

East – Xavier (27-5)

  • Opponent: Weber State (26-8)
  • Where: Scottrade Center, (St. Louis, MO)
  • When: March 18th

Notable early round match-ups

  • Cal vs. Hawai’i
  • Colorado vs. UCONN
  • Vanderbilt vs. Wichita State
  • Texas vs. UNI
  • Oregon State vs. VCU
  • Notre Dame vs. Michigan/Tulsa
  • Texas Tech vs. Butler
  • Butler vs. Syracuse

Surprises & Snubs

Oregon as the 1 seed – The Pac-12 regular season and tournament champs were able to reap what they have sown this year. Many thought that it would be Michigan State or Villanova that would nab the last 1 seed, but the Ducks dashed the hopes of the Spartans.

The potential match ups and old rivalries in the West Region – Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Texas are all playing in Oklahoma City this upcoming weekend. OU and Texas split the series during the regular season, and A&M was able to take down Texas during start of the season. Against SEC teams, OU was able to barely edge out LSU in Baton Rouge, and Texas was able to beat Vanderbilt during the Big 12 SEC annual challenge. The thought of A&M playing former conference foes Texas and OU in the span of two weeks has to have fans of all three teams excited.

Indiana as a 5 seed – Considering that they were the Big 10 regular season champions, this is very interesting. The seeds ahead of them are UNC, Xavier, WVU, and Kentucky. This one wasn’t too surprising though, because had Kentucky not won the SEC tournament, I’m guessing that the Hoosiers would’ve been the 4 seed.

The only teams that I would have liked to see in the tournament that didn’t make it are the South Carolina Gamecocks and Monmouth. At once they received a top 25 ranking, but then they proceeded to fall off and wasn’t able to do much of anything in the SEC tournament. Monmouth challenged themselves extremely well this season, in terms of their out of conference schedule, which was very admirable and it was a shame that they didn’t get the nod to play into April. Other than that, I wouldn’t say that there were any glaring snubs in this year’s selection.

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