Sweet 16 Review

#2 Oklahoma vs. #3 Texas A&M

After the Aggie’s shocking comeback versus UNI on Sunday, A&M advances to the Sweet 16 to face their former Big 12 rivals. I originally picked this match up in my bracket and I have been looking forward to this potential happening ever since.  Buddy Hield is coming in top form with 27 and 36 points in the first two rounds of the tournament. If he continues to play at this high level nothing will be stopping the rolling Sooners

With the Black Mamba present Buddy Hield lead a red hot Sooners squad past the Aggies. I am really loving watching this team play currently and Hield is looking more and more like a future stud in the NBA. The hopes of Oklahoma winning the dance seems to increase exponentially each week.  

Final 4 Predations

#2 Oklahoma vs. #2 Villanova

The Wildcats have cured their recent tournament blues with an advancement to their first Final Four since 2009. Villanova looked hot against the #1 seed Oregon, but their impressive run will stop when the face Buddy Hield and the Sooners. Buddy has absorbed the powers of the Black Mamba Space Jam style and is currently at the top of his game. With their their last round match-up against the Aggies in mind it would an act of God to stop Oklahoma from reaching the championship.

#1 North Carolina vs. #10 Syracuse

Who the heck would of thought that Syracuse would be this year’s Cinderella? After a miraculous comeback versus #1 UVA Syracuse has scratched and clawed their way back into the Final Four. While their run has been extremely impressive this Cinderella will not be making it to the ball. #1 North Carolina is the better team in every aspect of the game and unfortunately for Syracuse Jim Boehaim’s magic is going to run out on Saturday . Look for Syracuse to keep it close in the first half  and for UNC to pull away by the 10 minute mark of the second half of the game.


2016 NCAA Tournament Championship

#1 UNC vs. #2 Oklahoma

The day of my 21st birthday and all I am asking for is my Rangers to win their opening day game and for Buddy Hield to get a triple double. While it is a different opponent than I originally predicted I still think the Sooners are going to be able to finish off an impressive tournament with cutting down the net. As I stated in my original prediction a clash of titans will occur although with Marcus Paige and Buddy Hield (Sorry Denzel). Look for the superstar who has the better game to be the one taking home the trophy. Personally, I am putting my money on Buddy.


Give me Hield, or give me DEATH (to my bracket). The Sooners breezed past the Aggies in the sweet sixteen, a lot easier than I thought they would. Then they kept on playing white hot and absolutely torched the number one seeded, Oregon Ducks.

For all of you that wanted to see Kansas v. Oklahoma: Dawn of Justice (round 3) in the final four *begins to choke up* I’m sorry but it’s never going to happen. Kansas couldn’t get past an incredible defending team in Villanova. The best team in Philly right now has shown that they are not to be taken lightly. This match up between the two very good perimeter shooting teams should be the one WITH ALL THE BUCKETS.

Right now, Syracuse is that kid that nobody thought would be a good basketball player, but then they turn out to be actually good and can only be satisfied by the tears of all who doubted them. I don’t know how many people had them going this far, but after barely making the tournament, the Orange have been playing really well, but will it be enough when they face UNC – the destroyer of worlds?

I’m still riding my Buddy Hield v. UNC pick all the way. Also congrats to Denzel Valentine for winning AP player of the year over Hield, by 3 votes. Well deserved.

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