Ding dong the witch is dead. After two seasons, the Lakers’ front office have decided to part ways with head coach Byron Scott.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to most considering that under Scott’s tenure, the Lakers recorded the two worst regular seasons in franchise history. Last season the Lakers posted a record of 21-61, which was understandable considering the roster, injuries and Kobe’s decline. This season was supposed to be better, with promising young talent like Julius Randle returning from injury, and first round pick D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers were “expected” to win anywhere from 25-35 games. Instead they won 17, breaking the record set by the team the previous year for worst season in Lakers history.

If he wasn’t making millions of dollars, I’d feel really bad for Scott. He was hired as the head coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers, just to find out that LeBron would be leaving for Miami. He then went on to see his team post the longest losing streak in NBA history, with 26 consecutive losses in the 2010-2011 season.

The Lakers general management are not fools, so don’t view them as such. Here’s your crazy sports take for the day, but the Lakers front office wanted to tank so that they could get young talent to build the next potential dynasty around. And they let Byron Scott be the driver of the tank until they didn’t need him anymore. There weren’t any proven sure-thing coaching options out there after the 2013 season, so they decided to hire Scott who was pretty much the equivalent of a interim coach until something better came along.

This season was all about Kobe, and his farewell to playing the game of basketball. The Lakers organization made a lot of money, and had a plethora of media attention, despite being one of the worst teams in the league this season. Now that Kobe is gone, a lot of money for free agents just became available to work with. There is a certain big fish in the market this off-season by the name of Kevin Durant, so could we see this decade’s version of the Shaq jumping ship drama? We’ll have to wait and see.


Featured image courtesy of Keith Allison CC BY 2.0

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