Well internet, here we are. The website’s first official post. People say that you have to start somewhere…well I guess that makes this somewhere. The idea for Pressing Coverage started about a year ago, when I was in my dorm reading an article on SB Nation. I can’t recall exactly what it was about, but I remember the comments section was pretty heated with what appeared to be an abundance of hot takes. That’s when the idea to start my own site wormed its way into my brain. Like everyone else I have my own opinions, some hot and some not so hot, on an endless list of subjects. So why dedicate this site to just sports and entertainment? Well I have to point to two individuals for helping me narrow my focus on what I wanted this site to be about.

The first is Bill Connelly. The author of Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories, a writer over at SB Nation’s college football site as well as their Football Study Hall site, and he is a Staff Writer over at Football Outsiders. As a college football fanatic,  I see Bill as a wise all knowing figure who knows everything there is to know about any college football team ever. I imagine BC’s brain works like a slot machine, the first slot is the name of the college football team, the second is the year, and the third slot is for which statistical category you are looking for. Once all three slots are lined up, Connelly will put out whatever you want to know. He writes every year about the S&P+ ratings of all 128 division 1 teams, several columns on numerous teams in the history of the sport, and my personal favorite: the top 100 games of the year.

The second individual is none other than Bill Simmons, the former head of the Grantland cult. Simmons just announced his new website, The Ringer, and is due to release his new show on HBO later this year, but before that he was a writer and personality for ESPN. If you were to tell me that I would be able to work with ESPN, still be given the freedom to discuss what I wanted to discuss, pick my staff, be in an office that ESPN paid for, and even be given screen time on ESPN…I would say that that right there is a dream come true. That’s essentially what Simmons got to do, and for those years that Grantland was running on all cylindars, I couldn’t get enough of the website.

Where Connelly brings the knowledge, Simmons brings the personality. Simmons is a fun guy to listen to, if you haven’t listened to any of his podcasts then I recommend that you give at least one a listen. He has come far from just covering local Boston sports, to now giving his thoughts on a wide variety of popular topics in the news. My admiration for Simmons doesn’t mean that all of my views are the same as his, in fact they are not, but I still respect what he has accomplished as a writer, journalist, and a trailblazer.

Where we are now:

Well at the moment it is just Max, my right hand man, and I. We’ll be putting out posts as often as we can about a variety of sports and current events in the news. We’ll throw in the occasional personal story as well, and of course we’ll be as accurate as we can with all of our reporting. We’re still putting the finishing touches on the website and hope to have it looking pretty as soon as we can.

Where we want to be:

In the summer, the plan is for Max and I to start putting out a weekly podcast and at some point we would like to add a video segment every so often. We’ll add more authors and contributors as we continue to grow. In addition we want to be fully integrated on as many social media platforms that make sense for us in the near future. If we end up becoming a Grantland clone then I won’t be too surprised, but hey if a big studio wants to sponsor us down the road I won’t complain.

Final thoughts:

I can’t promise that you will laugh at every article (my hit ratio is about .333), but I will promise that all of us here at Pressing Coverage are going to have a lot of fun talking about whatever it is our minds are focused on. I look forward to seeing where this site will be 5 years from now and I hope that you all enjoy reading our content as much as we enjoyed creating it.

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