Bartolo Colon’s First Career Homerun 

Bartolo Colon stands as one of the longest tenured players currently pitching in the MLB. While he has been in the majors for 19 years, “Big Sexy” has never hit a homerun. On May 9th, 2016 this drought came to an end. Colon steps up to the plate to face “Big Game” James Shields. On a 1-1 count Shields leaves a 90 MPH fastball right down the middle. Being the clutch hitter that he is, Colon takes a hack at it. The ball flies off the bat and heads screaming into left field. You can almost hear Chris Berman yelling, ” BACK BACK BACK GONE!!” As the ball clears the fence and lands four rows back in the stands.

While the homerun was a treat to watch, Colon’s trotting the bases takes the cake as the best part of the play. Bartolo took what has to be a record 30.5 seconds to round the diamond after his dinger. Was Bartolo taking his time to pimp his first career bomb or is he just really really slow? Most likely it was a combination of both.  This momentous events portrays why baseball purists love the National League so much. With pitchers having to bat, sometimes you get unpredictable outcomes such as this.  All in all  for baseball fans everywhere and Bartolo Colon May 9th will be a day they will not soon forget.


Feature image provided by: sportingnews.com