Damian Lillard’s Buzzer beater Against Houston

With the Blazers officially eliminated from the playoffs, let’s take a walk down memory lane and reflect on that time Dame Dolla sent the Rockets home in heartbreaking fashion.

After five games of cut throat, close, stressful basketball, the series came to a fitting dramatic end in game six. With a handful of the games already going into overtime, it appeared that this game would fall in Houston’s favor, sending the Blazers back to H-town for a game 7. Lillard had other plans on that Sunday, so he decided to do what Damian does best. Get Buckets.

With less than one second left on the clock, Portland in-bounded the ball to Dame, and Mike Tirico exclaiming the instant classic phrase, “He got the shot off” followed by the necessary, “BANG”. The best part was hands down Rip City’s eruption. NBA Legends are made in the playoffs, and Damian Lillard emerged in this moment.

I love this moment, because it is where I along with a majority of America, fell in love with Lillard, but also it sent the Rockets home in a way so heartbreaking that there was not a single sound in the room I was in. I was watching the game with four other Houstonites (Hardenites) that were high on their precious Rockets. Talks of winning a ring went out the window as the shot fell through. Dame, if I ever run into you, I’ll buy you a beer for this moment.

Also, it was great when Lillard grabbed a mike from the announcer’s booth and just shouted the words, “RIP CITY”.


Featured image: Craig Mitchelldyer, USA TODAY Sports

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