Week 3 of the best sport in the world just finished up, so let’s break down what happened in each power 5 conference, the independents, and Houston…because well they’re ranked #6 in the nation so we have to talk about them. Alright, let’s break this weekend down game by game:

Houston vs. Cincinnati 

This game didn’t have to share the spotlight with anyone else as it fell on Thursday night. The Cougars came into the city that is home to the world’s most loved Gorilla postmortem, and found themselves in a dog fight (well technically a cat fight, since it was cougs and bear cats), and ended up trailing in the fourth quarter. The Cougs managed to rally, and go up 26-16 with 6 to go. Then within the span of 7 seconds, they picked off Cincy’s quarterback twice, both returned for touchdowns. So don’t let the score of this one fool you, it was a close game until the final 5-ish minutes. Houston is such a fun team to watch, but they aren’t bullet proof. It’ll be exciting to watch Tom Herman lead the H-town takeover for the rest of the season.


  • Clemson 59, South Carolina State 0 – Clemson smacked SC state so hard that they mercy ruled them, and got the Bulldogs to agree to shorten the second half by 6 minutes. Also notable, Clemson got what was quite possibly the easiest touchdown ever, of all time.
  • Louisville 63, Florida State 20 – Well the Florida State hype train got derailed pretty quickly, and it looks like the Louisville hype train is going to be taking it’s place. On a day that Louisville honored the late, great Muhammad Ali, they decided to pay tribute to the late boxer, by laying down a Ali vs. Frazier smack down on the Seminoles. Lamar “Action, Waxin’, Flaxin” Jackson is your Heisman winner for the month of September, after accumulating 913 passing yards and 8 touchdowns through the air, and 464 yards and 10 touchdowns on the ground, THROUGH 3 GAMES. let’s see if he can keep up the pace and lead the Cardinals to the great beyond.
  • Miami 45, Appalachian State 10 – There is no doubt in my mind that this means Miami is better than Tennessee. After all, the transitive property has never failed me before.
  • Georgia Tech 38, Vanderbilt 7 – Vanderbilt is bad, and Georgia Tech is not as bad. Next question.
  • UConn 13, Virginia 10 – In one of the worst displays of clock management ever, the Hoos had a chance to kick the game tying field goal after driving down the field. The tying score was barely a chip in, but with no time outs, UVA decided to call a run on their last play and with time running down, hustled out their field goal unit…aaaaaand shanked it to the left.
  • Virginia Tech 49, Boston College 0 – Wow Boston College is really bad at conference play. Maybe just bad at sports, other than hockey, in general. They still have not won a conference game since 2014. Oh well, there’s always the Patriots.
  • North Carolina 56, James Madison 28 – This one was weirdly close for a quarter, with James Madison leading the Tarheels, 21-14 at the end of the first quarter. Then the Argyle Warriors put their foot on the gas and outscored JMU by a combined score of 42-7. UNC wants us to remember that they’re not just a basketball school…unlike they’re hated rivals. Speaking of…
  • Northwestern 24, Duke 13 – Remember that one time last season when Northwestern was ranked? Then they got annihilated, and it was a little humorous! Or was that just me? Sorry, BIG 10 football makes me want to grind steel girders against my teeth. Anyways, A bad power 5 team beat a really bad power 5 team. Not much more to say than that.
  • Oklahoma State 45, Pitt 38 – Okay this one was a lot of fun folks. It featured two very different style of offenses, with Pitt’s run heavy attack featuring a solid stable of running backs, and OSU’s passing frenzy of an offense. Mason Rudolph and the Pokes went with their bread and butter: The Deep Ball To James Washington. All game Washington essentially ran one route, and hey if it’s not broken don’t fix it. Pitt matched them blow for blow in Stillwater, but the orange and black attack passed for 540 yards, and a solid victory over a good opponent.
  • USF 45, Syracuse 20 – USF is actually better than you would think, and they get to show how good they are when they take on the Noles next week. After USF jumped out to a 17-0 lead they never let up on the Orange and ran away with a blow out win. Syracuse, is just waiting for the shooty hoops to start.
  • NC State 49, Ol Dominion 22 – In honor of NC State alums Phillip Rivers, and Jacoby Brisset who was rushed into action when the most handsome NFL back up in all the land, Jimmy Garoppolo, went down with a shoulder injury, the wolf pack decided to trounce upon ODU. It was a solid weekend for the Pack.
  • Wake Forest 38, Delaware 21 – Holy crap Wake Forest is 3-0.

Big 10

  • Rutgers 37, New Mexico 28
  • Penn State 34, Temple 27 – James Franklin’s moniker of “Dominate the State” isn’t entirely wrong since he did manage to beat a rival(?) on Saturday from down the road. We didn’t hear any excuses from the tall, dark, and bald coach of the Nittany Lions. It was a game that was very anti Big 10 football, and it was a lot of fun! Let’s hope we see more games like this from the Nittany Lions down the road.  RIP Joe Pa.
  • North Dakota State 23, Iowa 21 – YOU DON’T HAVE TO TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT UNDEFEATED IOWA. Lessons to be learned here: I tried to tell ya about Iowa, and NEVER schedule the NDSU Bison. FLAME ON!
  • Wisconsin 23, Georgia State 17 – oh come on Wisconsin.
  • Michigan 45, Colorado 28 – After falling behind to the Buffs, the Wolverines rallied from being down 14-0 large in part to the defense and special teams. The Maize & Blue are tried and true so far. Also, don’t sleep on the Buffs this year, they are peaking.
  • Nebraska 35, Oregon 32 – THE BIG 10 REVIVAL IS HERE, AND IT IS REAL!
  • Western Michigan 34, Illinois 10 – I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID ABOUT THE BIG 10 REVIVAL.
  • Maryland 30, UCF 24
  • Michigan State 36, Notre Dame 28 – Sparty put the Irish playoff hopes to bed, and it’s only September.
  • Ohio State 45, Oklahoma 24 – Welp. Urban Meyer is the destroyer of worlds. Everyone must bow down.

BIG 12 – hello darkness my old friend.

  • Baylor 38, Rice 10 – Rice lost the game, but won the night with their Title 9 shot at Baylor.
  • Memphis 43, Kansas 7
  • TCU 41, Iowa State 20 – The first conference game of the Big 12 season, putting the Frogs in first place in the conference at the moment. It’s going to be a very weird season for this conference.
  • Kansas State 63, FAU 7
  • Oklahoma State 45, Pitt 38
  • Texas Tech 59, LA Tech 45 – Tech offense good. Tech defense bad.
  • Ohio State 45, Oklahoma 24 – After the backup QB for the sooners commented on how the Buckeyes “run a basic defense”, starting QB Baker Mayfield was picked off 3 times en route to being run into the ground by Urban Meyer and co. and kissing their playoff hopes goodbye. Hey here’s a thought, if the Sooners lose to TCU and then to Texas in the coming weeks…is Big Game Bob on the hot seat? We’ll find out. Oh and the catch of the year happened.
  • Cal 50, Texas 43 – Texas’ defense has good players on it, but alas they didn’t play well. This could be a trend that we see going down the road: Texas defense bailed out by the offense…oh wait it’s the Big 12 so of course this is going to happen. The Horns are undoubtedly improved from last year, maybe even the most of any team in the NCAA. However, before we all declare TEXAS IS BACKLet’s be sure to play all the games, mmmkay.


  • Arizona State 32, UTSA 28 – Madness happens at the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, and the road runners almost pulled it off.
  • Washington State 56, Idaho 6
  • Michigan 45, Colorado 28 – Hey like I said, the Buffs are peaking right now. Don’t sleep on them.
  • Nebraska 35, Oregon 32 – oooooooooh. This one is going to sting for the Ducks.
  • Oregon State 37, Idaho State 7
  • Washington 41, Portland State 3 – Washington play someone real please so that we can all embrace your hype train for real.
  • Stanford 27, USC 10 – Don’t be surprised if we see the Trojans hiring their 3rd coach in the past 3 years.
  • UCLA 17, BYU 14 – Pac 12 is a defensive conference if you ask me.
  • Utah 34, SJSU 17
  • Arizona 47, Hawaii 28


  • Tennessee 28, Ohio 19 – This game was 21-19 heading into the fourth quarter. The Volunteers are going to have to look for volunteers to sacrifice during conference play, because if they keep playing at this level they are going to get MAULED by the likes of Florida, Bama, Georgia, and TAMU.
  • Georgia Tech 38, Vandy 7 – anchor waaaaaaaay down.
  • South Carolina 20, East Carolina 15
  • Kentucky 62, New Mexico St 42
  • LSU 23Mississippi State 20 – I do feel bad for the Bulldogs, who rallied to make a 20-0 contest a 23-20 heart stopper. I do pity Dan Mullen, and I was still concerned that the Tigers still don’t really have a QB but then I realized that Leonard Fournette BULLDOZED A KID INTO HIS GRAVE. GAWD BLESS.
  • Texas A&M 29, Auburn 16 – Gus Malzahn’s butt is hotter than a crawdad in Louisiana on a Saturday afternoon. The Tigers have a ways to go before they can even think about a conference title, let alone a national title. Also, I know everyone wants to buy into the Aggie hype, but I can’t do it just yet. With the solid chance of me coming off as a hater here, A&M seems to always start out great, and then spiral into a train wreck. However, if the defensive ends that happen to double as Demi-Gods can keep up the pressure on opposing QB’s then I like what the Aggies have. They also have a QB with a good head on his shoulders in grad transfer, Trevor Knight. So maybe this year will be different. I’ll get back to you on this halfway through conference play.
  • Florida 32, UNT 0 – Florida most likely just lost their starting QB for a couple of weeks, and with conference play starting it’s no bueno in the swamp.
  • Arkansas 42, Texas State 3 – Bret it’s September, why is your team playing like it’s November?
  • Georgia 28, Mizzou 27 – Jacob Eason is the future.
  • Alabama 48, Ole Miss 43 – The Rebs were up by 21 at one point…aaand it was gone. The second 21 point lead blown by the Rebs this season was a tough one to swallow. With hopes of upsetting the CFB Lord, Nick Saban, for a 3rd year in a row, the Rebels played a great first half. Then within 60 seconds, Bama had cut the deficit from 24-3 to 24-17. Then the Bama defense got a scoop and score at the start of the 3rd to tie it up. They didn’t look back after that. The Rebs made it a close one in the final seconds, but the Ole Miss O-line got worked to death in the second half, allowing the Tide to roll to victory.

    Stay tuned next week for the Week 4 recap!

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